The Better, Legal Alternative To Torrenting

There’s no doubt that media has become increasingly more accessible to us. Until recently, you had to pay for every song and album you downloaded. You had to pay high fees for cable to enjoy the most premium TV content. If you wanted to watch a movie, you had to buy or rent it from iTunes or Google Play.

The past few years have made access a lot cheaper. Streaming music and video services charge relatively low monthly prices for unlimited content. However, because there are still so many different providers, subscription costs quickly add up. And when you just want one thing from a service, you don’t want to pay for the whole package.

Most of us are tempted to torrent from websites like The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, and so on. But they are illegal and come with significant risks. Which is why various companies have gone about finding cheaper, legal solutions.

Audials One is almost certainly the best of them.

What Audials One Provides

Audials One is ideal, because it provides access to media of all types. It allows you to download movies, series, music, audiobooks, and podcasts all from the same app. It converts everything into the most usable form and stores it according to an intuitive system. And all you need to pay is a once off fee.

It records music from music video platforms like YouTube and Dailymotion, streaming services like Deezer and Spotify, as well as online radio channels. Movies and series come from Netflix, Amazon Video and more.

Why Is It Legal?

Of course, this all sounds great, but digital content does not come free. There’s a reason you have to pay for streaming services, and that these services prevent their users from watching or listening on multiple devices (depending on the subscription).

So you should be suspicious of why Audials is free. Fortunately, their system works completely within the bounds of copyright law. According to DMCA regulations, it is legal to record content, just like we were once used to doing on cassette and video tapes. This is true for unencrypted content. These days, most content is unencrypted, and Audials does not record from services that use encryption.

The caveat is that you must not share what you download with anyone else. That breaks copyright rules and can lead to serious legal ramifications.

Audials claims to monitor content to ensure they are not breaking any rules, and they ask users to report any activity that does so.

Are Any Features Lost?

Obviously, if you’re not subscribing to every service you’re not going to enjoy all of their features. Spotify’s exceptional algorithms which create bespoke playlists cannot be easily replicated.

However, you can record playlists that already exist, and Audials One has its own music discovery platform called Music Zoom. Its algorithms are quite impressive, and create a floating three-dimensional space in which you can discover artists and songs similar and related to those you already love.

How Much Does It Cost?

Audials One costs US$49.90, but they are offering a 50% discount to all readers of The Digital Lifestyle. Simply buy through this link, and pay the ridiculously low price of $24.50 for the full package.


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