5 Awesome Tumblr Theme Designing Tips

While WordPress might be the largest marketplace for website designs and themes, Tumblr is not really too far behind either. Tumblr is a very easy platform to use and has some gorgeous website themes.

Tumblr is easily one of the largest marketplaces for website themes considering the fact that it has over 1300 options in its “theme garden”. There are certain themes out of the stack that really stand out. It is owing to the fact that they have been created in a creative manner, which makes them better than the ones out there.

Here you can look at five designing tips for Tumblr that makes up for an awesome theme.

  • Non-traditional blog models

What makes Tumblr easily stand out from the rest is the fact that it has an out the box approach. The non-traditional setup of the models seemingly attracts a lot of attention. The blog models are orchestrated to fit into an array of niches. It is better to assume the fact that almost everyone can get a hold of his or her ideal blog model from Tumblr.

  • An array of customization options

If you are willing to make the website theme quirky and non-conventional, then you are going to need many customization options. What Tumblr does best is provide the audience with an array of customization features. You may also like to read about the Best Free Tumblr Themes.

There are above 80 options for customization in Tumblr. Each has been set to ensure that new dimensions are added to the theme. This feature helps to take one’s creativity to the next level.

  • Interactive or responsive Themes

Websites with responsive themes tend to appease their clients the most. It is true that the visual aesthetics associated with a responsive theme is far better than that of a conventional theme.

While responsive themes are visually pleasing, they are easier to work with as well. They can help attract greater traffic to the website and make it function in a better way. Responsive themes need to be chosen in such a way as to ensure that the website or blog looks equally great when being surfed on the mobile or tablet.

  • Keeping in mind the trends

While you are designing a theme, do ensure to keep the on-going trends in mind. If you are able to work in accordance with the trend then it is sure to be a hit. You will come across the fact that the most successful website themes on Tumblr have some or the other association with the latest trend.

Trends keep shifting from time to time and thus being aware of them is very important, especially if you are designing a responsive theme.

  • Pay attention to the background

The background of the theme is what the mind will assess subconsciously. It is therefore important to design a background in such a way so that it goes in perfectly with the core theme.

There are many background themes in Tumblr and most of them are based on the colour white. You could use your creativity and go for combinations that would stand out of the conventional.



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