How Bingo sites are using Social Media

How Bingo sites are using Social Media

Waking up every day these days, we’re opening our eyes to a world that is rife with Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Snapchat animal filters, Insta-feed updates and Instastories – each social media outlet and avenue spewing forth innumerable amounts of statuses, posts, likes (particularly that big blue thumbs-up associated with Facebook), retweets and shares.

Truly, one can say (and see) that nowadays being online inevitably equates to a quick check-in on any one of the various social media outlets. Each individual is able to scroll down their timeline and get a quick catch-up on what is happening in the world of FB, the Twitter-verse and even Instagram snaps. Who would have known that by the year 2018 the world would be a collection of various platforms, we call social media; and if one is not present and active on at least one of the social media platforms, then the feeling of being left behind starts to creep in.

Following on from the status quo of how all things online are tending to go, it has increasingly become clear that in order for any business, in just about any industry and sector to remain top-of-mind and current in today’s society, there will have to be an online presence of the said business, and in particular a social media footprint.

For start-ups and stalwart companies alike, the importance of being able to engage with customers on a social media platform is paramount, and quite simply just plain good marketing sense. One can easily assume that just about all customers and target audiences will find themselves logging into their social media accounts, at least once throughout any given day – making the social media outlets a perfect stomping ground for marketers the world over.

The online casino gaming sector is not exempt from this trend of social media marketing, and although perhaps to be considered somewhat of a newbie, in terms of utilizing the avenues presented by social media as a way to interact and engage with their players, the fact that many casino online gaming sites’ operators and increasingly becoming aware of the great value social media marketing on behalf of their brand holds.

More and more we are seeing top online casino brands merge their marketing strategies with social media marketing, and finding that this avenue of engagement is proving to be quite effective. Not only is there an immediate dialogue happening between the brand ambassadors of any given online casino site and the players, but there is also a wealth of information that each brand can gather from the social media metrics and analytics embed in the mechanics of certain social media platforms. For example, Facebook offers insights into the customer that engages with a brand, providing in-depth information about the customer themselves, their likes, their levels of engagement and a quick-view on which posts made have received the most attention.

Believe it or not, this type of data gathering has proven to be quite valuable, as one is able to get into the psyche of the customer, as it were, and see what really makes ones target audience tick. By getting to ‘know your customer’, the brand is able to streamline their products and service on offer, while also showing their customer that they are a priority and it is the customer that is determining what the brand will bring to the table for the customer to partake in and enjoy.

The online gaming industry is quickly finding that by using social media, they are showing their players a side to themselves that encourages friendly banter, witty engagement and all around interaction.

Online casino gaming sites, in particular bingo specific sites, are stepping into this mode of player interaction by also employing tried and tested social media marketing methods. What was once previously regarded a game predominantly enjoyed by the elderly, bingo as an entertainment option is fast turning into a fun-filled game for all to enjoy. Reputable bingo sites, like mFortune Casino, are on the cusp of this great avenue of engagement, and has a strong social media presence already.

What most bingo sites (and online casino sites in general) will use social media for, predominantly, is to post information about upcoming tournaments, promotional deals and bonus offerings, as well as creating competitions via their Facebook page, for example, where great prizes and giveaways are the order of the day.

The great thing about social media marketing is that it is an avenue most businesses are just now starting to optimise on, and there is a wealth of innovations that will accompany this new mode of marketing.

For players of top safe and secure bingo sites, the move into the social media sphere equates to an incredibly fun way to engage with fellow game players and the brand ambassadors alike, as Facebook posts carry a tone that is friendly and low-key. The same can be said for Twitter posts, where any given tweet is really just a tidbit of information that any given player can take up or discard at will. The disposable nature of social media means that in order to remain in the game and top-of-mind for the players engaging with the bingo site and casino online brand in question, the brand’s marketing team will need to be consistent by posting relevant, engaging and informative posts on a regular basis.

The aim is to remain within the top few posts on a player’s timeline, but to not overwhelm with spammy posts throughout. It is a fine line, but once the right balance is achieved, the increased levels of customer engagement will clearly show that by utilizing these social media outlets and avenues, the bingo site brand is indeed gaining traction, in terms of offering players an avenue that is rife with superb interaction all the way.


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