Microsoft announces two new business app for HoloLens

Microsoft announces two new business app for HoloLens

Yesterday at Build Microsoft announced two new business applications for HoloLens: Microsoft Remote Assist and Microsoft Layout. Released May 22nd the new apps are a limited time free preview designed for the modern workplace.

Microsoft Remote Assist is designed to help out first line workers so they can share their view with the heads up, hands free calling and remote support can see the real time images from HoloLens and share images, documents and annotate on the images so the first line worker can solve problems on site. It sounds similar to the current version of Skype for HoloLens but with more advanced features and using Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Layout is a 3D modelling tool that you can manipulate 3D objects in Windows Mixed Reality and then view them in real time via Microsoft HoloLens

You can read more about the applications on the Microsoft Blog.


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