Video: Using WebVR with Windows Mixed Reality

Video: Using WebVR with Windows Mixed Reality

WebVR is an open specification that enables viewing 3D objects in Virtual Reality. It’s cross platform and works with a range of systems including Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and recently Microsoft added support for WebVR to Microsoft Edge. This means you can view WebVR object from Windows Mixed Reality via Microsoft Edge.

Just go to your Cliff House open Microsoft Edge and navigate to a page containing WebMR content. I use as there is a great selection of content available. Once you find an object you want to view in immersive mode just click on the View in VR button and then Edge will view the object in full 3D mode. You can navigate around the object with the controller and you can even walk around the object.

It’s a great way of viewing 3D objects. Here is WebVR with Windows Mixed Reality in action:

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