Best Smart Home Software For Windows PC Users

Best Smart Home Software For Windows PC Users

Now that home automation is almost ubiquitous in various homes, the next step is to move onto connecting all of this equipment, linear actuators and all. Mobile devices have already been pressed into service as a way of controlling separate pieces of home automation, both remotely and on the premises, but this is another step forward. Now people are looking into ways to control the entire automation set up of a home through those same mobile devices, whether they are Android, iPhone, or Windows.

This is a far cry from the initial home automation which consisted of things like drop down TV lifts and other small pieces of equipment. Home automation was initially purely to try and remove some of the stresses of everyday life, while also possibly expanding some of the ways in which people could use their homes.


One of the main things that people are worried about when it comes to this type of software is the potential it has for all the automation to not want to sync with it, thereby rendering it useless. Domoticz is a piece of software which incorporates many different sensors and motion detectors into the main programme, to eliminate the possibility of this problem. The software works not by linking to the devices and equipment themselves, but by linking to the sensors and motion detectors which are already integrated into it. The programme therefore sends commands out to the appropriate sensors, and the equipment moves or stops as commanded. Similarly, when something happens around or to a home automation device (something which is particularly appropriate with security devices), the main software can pick it up and bring it to the homeowner’s attention.


This software, also known as the Calaos project, is not one single piece of software, but is rather a multi-level project which has community support and input, as well as a variety of stacks. Calaos is known for being compatible with almost every form of home automation, which makes it a popular choice for people who want to use a platform to control and integrate all functions. Calaos is a strictly mobile function – it needs a mobile environment to survive, but it can be run on almost any existing mobile platform.



OpenHAB is an open source piece of software which is extremely popular, in the specialist home automation circles as well as in the more general circles. OpenHAB offers good developers and a very active community of users and followers, so anybody who wants to become part of that and use OpenHAB as part of their home automation set up can be sure that they will become part of a helpful community.

OpenHAB specifically avoids the more complicated ideas which are favoured by other open source platforms, which is something that helps to endear it to its audience and users. It does not have a particular brand of home automation in mind, but instead focuses on being available for all of them. Because they have not focused on any one particular brand, OpenHAB is more helpful for home automation at large, as it can be keyed for use with more of them. Homeowners would find this useful because it would not limit them to specific home automation.


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