Google Play Music app for Windows 10 GPMDP updated

Google Play Music app for Windows 10 GPMDP updated

Google don’t make Windows 10 apps but there are 3rd party apps available and one I frequently use for Google Music Play Music s called GPMDP. Despite its name it’s a great alternative to using the browser to access Google Play Music in the browser. The app has just been updated improved the user experience:

  • NEW: You can now enable the windows 10 media service without the volume overlay thing
  • NEW: MPRIS service now listens for, and emits volume events
  • NEW: Added a keyboard shortcut for showing album art
  • FIX: Whole bunch of random “null” errors
  • FIX: Bunch of dark theme issues have been resolved
  • FIX: Last.FM scrobble logic now works better

You sign in to the app and then you have access the Google Music library. It supports desktop notifications, custom actions, lyrics, a system tray menu, custom styles and casting to Chromecast receivers. I have been playing with the app today and it works very well, it’s nice to have a dedicated app rather than just the browser.

The app is free from the Windows Store.


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