Microsoft release Windows 10 Mobile build 15240

Microsoft release Windows 10 Mobile build 15240

While there is no PC build this week for Windows Insiders we do have a mobile build. Build 15240 of Windows 10 Mobile feature 2 contains a couple of changes to the OS including support for the latest Unicode Emojis just like the PC version of Windows 10 now does. I am not sure it’s the most exciting new feature for Windows 10 Mobile but I know some people like them.

Other changes include support for the Chinese Lunar Calendar and there is a fix for the Windows Store SD card app storage issue (via the Windows Insider Blog):

General changes, improvements, and fixes for Mobile

We fixed the issue where trying to update Windows Store apps saved to your SD card resulted in an 8007000B error. Apps installed on SD cards should update without any issue.

We fixed an issue where there was no icon shown for Windows Update for either new notifications or on the settings page under Settings > System > Notifications & actions.

Known issues for Mobile

Occasionally, Narrator speaks phrases in English rather than the chosen non-English language.

There is a problem with the HP Elite X3 with wired docks where the portrait orientation setting is lost when the external display is disconnected and reconnected. A workaround for this is to reboot the phone after tapping the “OK” button instead of disconnecting and reconnecting. This workaround must be performed every time you connect to an external display you want to use with Continuum in portrait orientation.

When installing or updating a Windows Store app, you may see error 80070057. As a workaround, you can get the latest app by uninstalling the older version of the app from your device and reinstall latest version from Store.

Look out for my hands on video very soon.


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