The Best Windows Apps for Students

The Best Windows Apps for Students

The Windows ecosystem is a great place to be for students. There are plenty of tools and apps that can make completing everyday school-related tasks a breeze. Windows 10 also comes with a number of features that make setting up a laptop for studying very easy to do.

In this part, however, we’re going to focus more on apps. Here are the must-have Windows apps for students who are studying for their degree.

Microsoft OneNote

The whole Microsoft Office suite is very handy for students. Microsoft Office 365 offers access to all tools for a relatively low monthly or annual subscription cost. To make it even better, Microsoft decided to keep their student-only offers, which means you can get Microsoft Office 365 for much less.

The one app that’s indispensable is Microsoft OneNote. It is a great note-taking app with a lot of features. Whether you’re studying for an online executive MBA from Washington State University or attending an offline class at the university, being able to consolidate all of your notes using OneNote will be a huge plus.

Microsoft OneNote’s collaborative features are also very handy to have. It is also the perfect app for today’s 2-in-1 laptops and hybrids. When used with Microsoft Surface, for instance, you can use the included stylus to take notes, add markers to digital books, and much more.


Next, we have Mint. This is a Windows app that will help keep your finances together. Despite being more affordable than offline degrees, the online executive masters in business administration degree you’re pursuing still requires meticulous financial planning. After all, you’re studying to become a better business manager and good financial planning is a must.

Mint combines a gorgeous user interface with handy features rather beautifully. You can divide expenses into categories, make a monthly budget and keep track of your spending in real-time. You can also sync financial data from other sources, including existing financial services you might be using to handle your finances.

The over-budget warning is a handy feature to have. The more you spend, the closer you will get to the limit of your monthly budget. The app will let you know through visual cues that you’re almost at your limit, so you can make adjustments to your everyday expenses. On top of that, Mint offers analytics features for those who want to find ways to save.


We can’t talk about apps for students without talking about myHomework. Available for Windows as well as Android and iOS, myHomework lets you keep track of your schedules, projects, assignments and other activities. This is a great app to have if you’re an online student since you need to manage your own time and keep up with course assignments at your own pace.

MyHomework really makes time and assignment management easy. The interface is not as flashy as the previous apps we’ve covered in this article, but this app still offers plenty of features that can make your life as a student easier. It is an ad-supported app, but you can unlock more features and remove the ads by paying a small annual fee.

These are handy apps to have if you’re a student. They work great with your tablets too, plus you can install the accompanying mobile apps to have your data with you at all times.


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