Best Football Management Games for Mobile

Best Football Management Games for Mobile

How many times have you sat bored on a train, as a passenger in a car or waiting for an appointment that has over-run and wished that you had something better to do? You’ve looked through Facebook, you’ve updated your Twitter feed and you’ve checked out the latest pouts uploaded onto Instagram. Now you are simply reading noticeboards that are completely irrelevant to you and have no useful content whatsoever. The free newspaper lying on the seat next to you is looking like the only option but then you remember – your trusty app store is full of new and exciting opportunities.

You know that you can kill a few minutes of time looking for a half decent game from the free apps in the app store, but what if you could resolve your regular windows of boredom on a permanent basis? If you have ever been a lover of football management games, then you need to get onto this. There are loads of apps of varying quality and price available on the App Store that are just waiting for you to get addicted to.

Such is the enormous popularity of football management gaming; The Guardian recently published an article that helpfully gives a run-down of the best games available for Android and iOS. In the article, they pick the following as games that you might want to give a try:


  • Football Manager Touch 2016
  • Top Eleven 2016
  • Football Manager Mobile 2016
  • Football Chairman Pro
  • Champ Man 16
  • PES Club Manager
  • Championship Manager: All-Stars


Now all of these games provide completely different features and are also priced very differently. If you want to go cheap, Championship Manager: All-Stars is a freebie but doesn’t come close to the fantastic features that Football Manager Touch provides at a cost of £14.99. It really depends on what sort of features you want from a football management game. Football Manager Touch boasts a large database of players as well as a 3D match engine. You can even create your very own club rather than selecting own of the existing clubs. For other ways to make gaming more fun, visit sites like iwantcheats.

The App Store reviews for Football Manager Touch average at 3.5/5 starts from 110 ratings. Reviewers comments vary from the incredibly helpful ‘Sega are useless’ to glowing reviews like this ‘Best mobile version yet. I’d always been unsure about getting the mobile version of Football Manager having played the full PC version for years but this is great.’

If you’re thinking about getting into mobile football manager games then why not try one of the freemium versions first and see whether it whets your appetite to invest a little cash in the enjoyment of mobile football management. People are often hesitant to spend money on mobile gaming apps but wouldn’t think twice about forking out £50 on the latest Xbox game. The quality of mobile app development these days means that you can have the same experience for games like these whilst having the convenience of playing whilst on the go. Stop being tight with your cash and buy a decent app if you’re a fan of football management games.


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