Gadgets That Will Make Your Home Even Smarter

Gadgets That Will Make Your Home Even Smarter

Guest post by Adam Smith

In the Technology world today, new inventions are becoming obsolete almost the moment they hit the market. For example when looking for electric actuator 12 volt from, it is important to, first of all, assess its compatibility with some platforms and devices. The focus of this article is on smart home platforms which apparently have been developed alongside companion applications. The above can, therefore, be installed in some devices and then be used to control devices at home. Below are examples of some of the smart home platforms:

Panasonic Ora

The Ora software makes it possible for users to connect different devices irrespective of their differences in manufacturing and operating system. The outcome is that appliances such as lighting, heating, motion sensors as well as cameras will be controlled using a single device. Additionally, the device can be customized, and its functionalities made to reflect the needs of the users. The overall outcome is coziness and tranquility at your home.

SmartThings platform

The SmartThings platform is revolutionary mainly because it comes with a lot of capabilities. First of all, it can be connected to an internet router using its “live-in translator” Hub. Secondly, it comes with the ZigBee and the Z-Wave radios. Additionally, it is compatible with IP accessible devices and users are hence free to add more devices and customize them as they wish. Thirdly, it comes with an app that is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices.


HomeChat is mainly a communication link between users and the SmartThings support center. It makes it possible for users to send messages through the Smart Diagnosis feature and seek help from the support team. It is also fitted with an additional energy conservation feature. The purpose of this feature is to detect the level of power usage within a user’s home and effect change accordingly. Finally, it is also fitted with features that can be used manipulate the refrigerator and the oven.

Elgato Eve Room

The Elgato Eve Room is a special kind of technology that allows users to detect changes in temperature, humidity as well as air quality without the necessity of a bridge, a hub or a gateway. Its connection to devices is mainly through the Bluetooth Smart Technology.

FlowCloud by Imagination Technologies

The main use of this platform is to allow users to connect to the internet with the sole purpose of simplifying the registration and update process.

iDevices Switch

This can be used with wall switches, wall outlets, iDevices sockets, and the dimmer switches. Its main use is to make it easier for the users to control their lighting and temperature remotely using their devices by making use of the HomeKit technology.

Spanos K1 SmartHome DIY

This smart home kit is indeed revolutionary in that it allows users to connect more than 40 appliances to it. Some of the devices include locks, cameras, alarm detectors, and environmental sensors. The above are all combined and then controlled from a wall round aluminum disc.

TurkCell Smart Gateways

TurkCell makes wireless chipsets solutions which are used for congregated communication, for example, the Ultra-low Energy Technology which when applied to home networking enables IoT smart home appliances.

Kevo Smart Lock

This platform comes with a companion that allows users to use their smartphones to delete eKeys. Kevo makes it possible for users to have control over all their appliances and also ensure that keys are either locked or unlocked. Users can also share the app with friends and give or deny them access to the devices.

GoControl Smart Home Products

The GoControl smart home platform combines several solutions, for example, lighting, climate, and security. The above solutions can be accessed from smart light switches, smart thermostats, etc., and are also compatible with other devices such as home hubs.

Additional Information on the Use of 12v Linear Actuators in Smart Homes

12v linear actuators make it possible for users to combine appliances such as heating appliances, lighting appliances, cooling appliances, etc., in a linear motion. The above makes it possible for users or homeowners to exercise control and also manage their smart home platforms. The use of linear actuators in smart homes is indeed endless, and as technology improves, we can only expect that more innovations are in the near future.


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