Video: Keplar Immersion Universal VR Goggles for iOS and Android

Video: Keplar Immersion Universal VR Goggles for iOS and Android


While HoloLens and other dedicated high end virtual and mixed reality headsets are currently expensive you can get in to VR using smartphones. For less than £20 you can get a headset and turn an iPhone or Android phone into a virtual reality headset. You can do it really cheaply with some of the cardboard headset but they are very uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. The Keplar Immersion VR Glass that sent me to review works with Android and iOS devices and is really comfortable. It has stereo headphones built in and is adjustable to suite your head size and phone. It works with iOS and Android phones from 3.5 inch up to large phones like my Nexus 6P and the iPhone 7 Plus, the phone is held in the front of the headset and you plug in a cable into the headphone socket that provided the audio to the built in headphones. There is a ok button built into the goggles which is needed for some apps and games so you have everything you need for VR apps.

It’s very comfortable to wear and it does a good job in shutting out outside light and sound so you are really immersed in the VR app. The googles costs £18.99 from and is a really fun way of jumping into VR.

Have a look at the Keplar Immersion VR goggles in action in my hands on video:


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