Top 5 Smartphones for Gaming in 2016

Mobile phones have evolved significantly especially in recent years. These devices can do just about anything that a computer can do. A popular use for these devices is gaming. Certain models of phones are better designed for this use than others whether it is for simple casino games like slots or games with exceptional graphics like Grand Theft Auto. These are five of the best smartphones for gaming.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Currently, this is one of the most powerful phones around. It includes a zippy Snapdragon 820 processor as well as an impressive Adreno 530 GPU. Also, the RAM is 4 GB which is the most you can get in a phone and makes it possible to run just about any game out now and future releases.

Nexus 6P

The processor and GPU of this phone are last year’s Snapdragon and Adreno models making it close to the S7 Edge. While it has one less GB of RAM in comparison to the S7 Edge, it does have a larger display screen measuring 5.7 inches and a smaller price tag.

HTC 10

For gamers who want quality sound, the HTC 10 is the best choice. Equipped with the patented BoomSound audio, the design of the speakers is new with a front facing top speaker and the bottom speaker located along the base. The phone has the same hardware specs as the S7 but the screen isn’t as sharp.

OnePlus X

The hardware can keep up with today’s games but is older in design. For instance, the processor is the Snapdragon 801 which was popular two years ago. Despite this, the phone is able to run today’s top games and comes with a nice $199 price tag.

iPhone 7

The current model of the iPhone is the best gaming phone designed by Apple to date. The GPU is the most powerful and can run high end graphic games as well as simple casino games like blackjack via sites like gaming club.

Of these five phones, the Galaxy S7 is the best gaming phone with hardware to run any of today’s games as well as those being released in the future.


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