The Tech Apocalypse Will Only Come If…

The Tech Apocalypse Will Only Come If…

Here’s a fun paradox that’s also exquisite food for thought at the same time: mankind both adores and fears innovation. Galileo Galilei, a brilliant autonomist was burned at stake for pointing the obvious – the Earth is round and orbits the sun. Nikola Tesla died in poverty simply because he feared his own inventions.

On the other hand, people like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford bathed in rays of blazing glory for their genius and innovative thinking. How can this be?

It’s just something about the human nature – more often than not we only trust proven facts and solid evidence. Men who pushed innovation forward during the industrial revolution had qualified teams of experts and engineers at their disposal. Therefore, DeviQA
software QA testing company is one of many who undertake the burden of technological progress.

Is progress possible without quality?

Ok, age old tech, although tested, does not apply to modern standards of quality. The early models of Ford Automobiles probably skipped crash tests simply because they were not fast enough to be of any harm. That noted, every lib of metal and even the last bolt were double-checked to ensure the whole thing does not fall apart while in motion.

That noted, let’s look at a recent example – the iPhone. Can you imagine good old Steve succeeding with a product that’s bugged and glitchy? Back in the day Smartphones were not as essential as air. The need in them was narrowed even further because of pour wireless internet connectivity.

It was the year 2017 after all, the year when Symbian-powered communicators from Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola ruled the ball and, frankly, there was no need in improving them that much. If it was not for flawless design, superior UI and UX as well as unmatched premium quality we would never have seen the rise of Apple.

Investment into quality, in turn, allowed Apple to pump up the prices and lead the way of anew, prominent market. Google’s Android was left on the outskirts later on without the ability of fair competition in a shared price segment of the market.

What is everyone forgetting in this situation, while parsing Steve Jobs and his genius? The fact that a team of skilled QA engineers powered his decisions after putting them to a test!

Tech Apocalypse as a possibility

We love watching movies like “The Matrix” or “Terminator 2”. We enjoy Will Smith’s performance in “I Robot”. And, deep down inside, we feel like this future is quite more plausible that the two-tie fashion futuristic fantasy of “Back to the Future”.

That’s because the darker outcome is quite possible now that Big Data and Virtual Reality are on the rise. Trump’s elections as well as the infamous Brexit, for instance, were purely powered by analysis of social media posts and personalization of ads afterwards. If tech made them win – what else can it do?

In reality, Quality Assurance is the only industry that stands on guard of our future aside anything else. We are safe as a race for as long as there is a person capable of testing Azimov’s 3 laws of robotics. Without those guys we are doomed.


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