Video: iClever Boost Sound BTS08 Bluetooth Speaker Review


In this video I take a look at the iClever Boost Sound BTS08 Bluetooth Speaker. The speaker is portable thanks to its 4000mAh battery which enables around 14 hours of playback between charges. It has two 10W speaker, 3.5mm input and comes with micro USB cable for charging and 3.5mm audio cable for connecting up to a devices without Bluetooth.

The device feels very solid, well-made and has a very distinctive red finish which looks rather nice. It supports Bluetooth 4.2 and can also be used for hands free calling as well as music playback. It is simple to pair up, once connected it delivers a clear sound with good volume range. I was impressed with the stereo separation and the bass reproduction.

To control the playback there are transport and volume controls build it. Having the 3.5mm input means you can use it with anything that has a headphone output, I tested it with my record player and it worked really well.

In this video I setup the speaker with my phone and have listen to how it sounds. The speaker costs £39.99 on Amazon.

About the author Ian Dixon:
Ian Dixon is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), founder of tech site and producer of the weekly The Digital Lifestyle Show podcast. Ian has been writing and talking about Windows for over 10 years and has over 20 years in IT as an IT Manager. Ian has thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook and over 4 million views on his YouTube channel.
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