Microsoft acknowledge new Surface Pro 3 battery problem

Microsoft acknowledge new Surface Pro 3 battery problem

Remember the major Surface Pro 3 battery problem that caused some Surface Pro 3 owners to have battery life measured in minutes rather than hours? Well Microsoft fixed that problem but it looks like there is a new problem affecting Surface Pro 3 owners that were not originally troubled by the battery problem. With the Surface Pro 3 you either have SIMPLO or a LGC battery and Surface Pro 3 with SIMPLO batteries had the previous problem and this time its LGC equipped devices. The problem seems to have started after the August 29th update that fixed the SIMPLO problem, not all devices are affected (my SP3 is fine).

Microsoft have acknowledged the problem thanks the efforts of Barb Bowman and others in the Microsoft forum.

We are aware of a battery issue that is affecting a limited number of Surface Pro 3 users. We can confirm that the issue affecting these customers was not caused by the software updates issued on August 29th. Our team is actively looking in to the issue to determine the cause and identify a fix. We will post an update as soon as we have more information to share.


Hopefully it won’t take so much time to get the issue fixed but it looks like Microsoft are finding it hard to solve the overall battery issue. If you have a problem with your Surface head over the Microsoft forums.


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