Kodi 16.0 beta 4 released

Kodi 16.0 beta 4 released

A quick update from the developers of Kodi. They have just released the 4th beta of Kodi 16, they are working on fast turnaround between releases do there are just a few changes is this update. Kodi is a good alternative to Windows Media Center on Windows 10 along with Emby and Plex.

You can read more about Emby, Kodi and Plex in our new Windows 10 Book: Entertainment Apps on the go with Windows 10

Fixes done in this beta 4:

• Fixed: several credentials leaking in the debuglog

• Fixed: fix enabled status for audio DSP add-ons

• Fixed: stop scraping album overriding tags when override tags Disabled

• Fixed: Custom Music Node/Playlist Rule Based Queries

• Fixed: Input.Select for PVR fullscreen windows with JSON-RPC

• Fixed: ghost timers in EPG window

• Fixed: sidemenu now playing buttons in Confluence

• Fixed: mouse handling regression on Android

• Fixed: don’t use cached results for dir checks in our Python API

• Fixed: missing header label on clean EPG progress dialog

• Fixed: [configure] make sure the top kodi src dir is always in INCLUDES



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