Video Review: Bluetooth foldaway keyboard for iOS, Android and Windows

Video Review: Bluetooth foldaway keyboard for iOS, Android and Windows


Touch screen keyboards are great but not ideal if you have a long email or a document you want to type out. I don’t want to carry a bulky keyboard around with me and this is where the iClever foldaway keyboard comes in.

The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and works with iOS, Android and Windows and Windows 10 Mobile. The nice thing about the keyboard is it folds away in to a small package but un-folded it’s big enough for typing long emails or blog posts on. There is descent about of travel with the keys so it’s actually very combatable to type on, I did find the keys a little small so I tended to mistype sometimes but I think you would get used to it and its one of the comprises that you make for a small device.

As well as the standard keys there are Windows function keys (F1-F12) and you can switch modes between iOS, Android and Windows. I found in Android and iOS modes the function keys like Volume Up/Volume Down and the media transport controls work with Windows.
There is no lag when typing and the connection stays up all the time so you don’t get any drop outs so once you get used to the keyboard you can type very quickly. In this video I test the keyboard and see how well it works on a Windows tablet and an iPad. Oh and it also comes with a nice pouch to sort the keyboard when folded today.

The keyboard costs £23 on Amazon and would make a good Christmas gift.


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