OpenELEC 6.0 Beta 4 released

OpenELEC 6.0 Beta 4 released

Raspberry Pi

OpenELEC the embedded version of Kodi (XBMC) has been updated to version 6 beta 4. This release adds the latest version of Kodi 15.1 to the package along with updates to ffmpeg 2.6, mesa 10.6, Xorg-1.17, libva 1.6, systemd v219, binutils 2.25, Glibc 2.21, libressl 2.1.7, LLVM-3.6 and Kernel 4.1.

OpenELEC is a great easy way to build a Kodi based media centre system and they have releases for various hardware including PC and Raspberry Pi. More info at OpenElec.TV


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