How Can Apple Pay Help My Business?

Apple Pay was first unveiled in 2014 and recently introduced in 2015 as one of the American giant’s latest innovations to make modern life even simpler. Using contactless technology in many of your Apple appliances it allows you to make contactless payments quick and easily.

Since its introduction Apple users across the world have started to use and trust the technology on a regular basis. Currently most popular with owners of an Apple watch as it requires a fast swipe without sticking your hand in your pocket, more and more retailers and businesses are using the technology. There are many ways it can help your company advance.

What Is It?

Apple Pay works by putting a chip in your iPhone or Apple watch in order to make payments through contactless technology. It can also be used to make payments in apps on either device. You set up a default card to use for standard transactions but can add different cards if necessary.

The same with contactless cards, up to £20 (soon to be £30) can be paid for using Apple Pay at a time. As a business, all that’s required to get this up and running is a contactless card reader/terminal. Find out more information here.

What Are The Benefits for Consumers?

The benefits for consumers are mostly the same as using contactless cards to pay for items. It offers a much quicker method as you don’t have to fiddle about putting your card in the machine the right way or tap in your PIN number.

If you forget your card it saves the embarrassment and time spent having to go away and come back again. You can feel safe using Apple Pay too as it is a secure method which doesn’t display any card numbers or security codes, with the secure element being the chip located inside your iPhone or watch.

And For My Business?

More consumers are using Apple Pay with numbers only set to increase, so offering yet another payment method for your business is likely to tempt customers. The quicker, more convenient method should reduce queue and waiting times, improving their overall experience and increasing customer loyalty.

The terminals/readers required allow you to process other contactless card payments as well, making the initial capital spent extremely useful. As a well-established brand most customers will feel safe using the technology too with its strong record in protecting customer data. In general though it is the convenience for customers which makes it worthwhile.


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