Free downloads of BBC News, UK Traffic and other tiles for the Microsoft Band

Free downloads of BBC News, UK Traffic and other tiles for the Microsoft Band

Last month Microsoft added web tiles to the Microsoft Band SDK and it is relatively simple to create your own tiles using a web based designer. I created a few tiles for myself and I thought I would share them with other Microsoft Band users. So far the Microsoft Band tiles I have created cover news and travel.

To install a Microsoft Band web tile you need to open the link on your phone either via a OneDrive folder, email or opening the link in the browser (see the section at the bottom of this post for more details). I will probably add more as play about with the SDK so I will update this page with any new tiles. One of the main limitations is the number of active tile you can have on the Microsoft Band at any one time, this means I tend to only have a couple of 3rd party tiles active at any one time.

If you have made any of your own tiles and would like me to link to them here please let me know.

News Tiles

Tech News

UK Travel


Install instructions:

  • Download Microsoft Band web tile package below and either:
    • Send it to your phone as email attachment
    • Save it in your cloud share (such as OneDrive)
    • Host it in your own cloud server and create a URL with custom URL scheme (mshealth-webtile)
  • On your phone:
    • Directly open the attached Microsoft Band tile package from your email
    • Directly open the saved Microsoft Band tile package from cloud share app (if available)
    • Click on Microsoft Band web tile link that you’ve created
  • The Microsoft Health mobile app will launch with further instructions

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