Microsoft bring golf to the Microsoft Band

Microsoft bring golf to the Microsoft Band

Microsoft continue to expand the functionality of the Microsoft Band, for the latest update they have partnered with TaylorMade to bring Golf tracking and workouts to the Microsoft Band. In the next few weeks new golf features will be added to the Microsoft Health app and the Microsoft Band. When you use the Microsoft Band app it will detect when you ae close to the hole and display your score for the hole just completed, it will give you how far you are from the green and keep track of your score. On the Windows Phone app you can review your game performance and see stats hole by hole.

There are also guided workouts for golf and the update will include new bike and guided workout observations.

Sounds like a good update for golfers.

From the Microsoft blog post:

Before you play

Take advantage of TaylorMade’s comprehensive course finder on your mobile Microsoft Health app to quickly find the courses near you, and once you’re on the green, the tees you are playing from.

During your round

As you step onto the tee box, our on-board GPS sensor will automatically detect the hole you are on and display your score for the hole you just completed. A simple press of the Microsoft Band action button, whether on the fairway or off in the deep rough, will give you accurate distance to the front, middle and back of the green.

The Microsoft Band keeps track of your score with its automatic shot detection and simple swipe interface for those gimmies or occasional mulligan. There may never be a need to carry a paper scorecard again. Meanwhile, advanced sensors track not only your strokes but also your steps, heart rate and calorie burn, seamlessly adding a round of golf into your fitness routine.

After your round

Afterwards, dig into the data behind your performance on the Microsoft Health phone application (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) or web dashboard. Check your score, longest drive, number of pars or better per round, pace of play and by signing into TaylorMade’s myRoundPro, view your shots plotted on a map of each hole on the course.

You can also view how your heart rate and calorie burn varied during your game – hole by hole – and analyze how it affected your performance. Your golf rounds will be accessible to you via Microsoft Health, allowing you to look back at your prior performance without needing those old scorecards.

Coming soon, TaylorMade’s myRoundPro will provide more detailed statistical analysis of your game including classic golf statistics, such as fairways hit and greens in regulation, proximity to the hole, strokes gained and much more; all developed to help you adapt and improve your game.

Guided Workouts

It’s important to us at Microsoft to help golfers make the most of their time by helping them train both on and off the course. Today, we’re excited to introduce new Guided Workouts for golf! While the guided, 5 minute warm-up will get you ready for the course, you can choose from four full body workouts that will help you build strength, stability and stamina – all important fitness benefits that will see you through a full 18 holes all season long. Here’s a quick snapshot of what to expect:

5-Minute Golf Warmup

Gold’s Gym Golf Workout

Beginner Golf Workout

Intermediate Golf Workout

Advanced Golf Workout



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