Plex for Windows update adds native FLAC & HEVC support on Windows 10

Plex for Windows update adds native FLAC & HEVC support on Windows 10

Plex have updated the Windows version of their app adding support for some of the new native Windows 10 media formats.

The app now natively plays FLAC and HEVC encoded files on Windows 10 saving the server from having to transcode them. Windows 10 natively supports these formats so it goods to see Plex take advantage of this. Also in the update id direct play of avi/mpe4 and wmav2 files and a number of fixes for Windows 10.

With Plex Media Server you can stream your own content to their range of clients including Windows, Windows Phone and the Xbox One. The basic app is free from the Windows Store but with a one minute playback limitation and you need either a Plex Pass subscription or an in-app purchase to unlock the app.


– (Music) Native FLAC codec support on Windows 10

– (Video) Native HEVC codec support on Windows 10

– (Video) Enable Direct Play of avi/msmpeg4/wmav2 files


– (Single Server) Selected server not always correctly restored at startup if server is app itself

– (Single Server) “Searching for servers” indication would sometimes remain visible after signing in to Plex

– (Sync) Library section filters/sorts/views not used for sync items

– (Sync) Moving sync cache from a short path to a longer path would sometimes fail due to path character limit

– (Sync) Crash on Manage Sync page on Windows 10

– (Home) Fix PIN entry focus issue on Windows 10

– A number of user-reported crashes


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