Video: QI wireless car charger and cradle reivew

Video: QI wireless car charger and cradle reivew

In the car I have Bluetooth hands free for phone calles and Bluetooth audio for listening to music so I don’t have to mess about with cables so the final piece in the puzzle was wireless charging. In this video I am reviewing a Qi wireless car changer from . The kit comes with a 3 coil Qi changer, an air vent clip, windscreen attachment, DC/Cigarette lighter adapter and two MicroUSB cables (one short and one long). So It comes with everything you need to change your phone on the move.

The cradle has slide out sides with a quick release clip so it will fit just about any size of phone, it will easily fit a large phone like my 6 inch Lumia 1520 as well as smaller phones like my smaller Nexus 5. It is really easy to get the phone in and out and it holds it very snuggly so it won’t fall out when engaging in a bit of vigorous driving. The holder can fit to the dash an air vent clip or a windscreen suction clip, I used the windscreen clip and found it sticks to the windscreen very well with no sign of it falling off. A nice touch is having the two MicroUSB cable lengths which gives you the option of being able to use a short cable if possible so you don’t have to have wires trailing everywhere or use the longer cable if needed.

It is a 3 coil based Qi changer that I found changes the phone very quickly and now I can jump into the car and pop the phone into the cradle. It’s very simple and very effective, and as you can see in the video it works very well.

The kit costs £39.95 from


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