Band Pro the Microsoft Band customizer app now available for Android

Band Pro the Microsoft Band customizer app now available for Android

One of the apps I use for customising my Microsoft Band is a Windows Phone app called Band Pro and it is now available for Android. With the app you can create custom backgrounds for the Microsoft Band using your existing images, sports team logos and a library of images. You can place the logos anywhere on the image, zoom in and out and customise however you like.

It’s a nice little app that costs 79p from the Google Play Store.

Design, create and personalize your Microsoft Band Wallpaper. Guaranteed! Of course with your unique imagination! Make it your own. Have fun with your band!

1. Choose a separate picture for background.
2. Choose 2 additional pictures into Round Tiles, overlay on top of the background image.
3. Round Tiles are to add extra pictures! Example, your sports team logo.
4. Round Tiles can be moved in horizontal direction.
5. Round Tiles can be removed
6. Built-in Picture Zoom and Crop feature.
7. Band Pro Cloud feature. Search for backgrounds and sports logos from App Cloud.

With great collection of sports team logos and wallpaper backgrounds, you will never have a boring wallpaper on your band again.

Note: This app requires the latest version of the Microsoft Health application installed (version 1.3.10417.1 or newer), as well as having the Band updated with the latest firmware (done through the Microsoft Health application).


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