Microsoft talk about the frequency and predictably of new Windows 10 builds

Microsoft talk about the frequency and predictably of new Windows 10 builds

Predicting when Microsoft will release a new build of Windows 10 has become a bit of a sport as the release dates haven’t exactly been predictable. In a post today on the Windows Blog (timed just as Apple start their live keynote) Gabe Aul explains how they are balancing release date expectations with build reliability.

He explains why they don’t want to want to pre-announce dates for the next release and the thought process that they go through when selecting a build. One thing the post doesn’t do is actually announce a date for the next build but they are hinting at having multiple builds per month:

But now let’s talk about how we’re really trying to approach it. Today is 3/9 and we’ve not set a date for the next build. I have a build in hand that we produced on Friday. It was validated by our test automation, and will go out through our internal rings and get installed and used by thousands of people at Microsoft. It is the freshest code with all newest features and fixes. If it passes all of our evaluation criteria it could be in your hands late this week or early next week. That means that we could feasibly get multiple builds out in March rather than just one, and they’d have more up to date code than if we did it the other way. Yes, I know, that is pretty big talk considering it has been more than 40 days since our last build; and here I am talking about multiple builds per month. I’m sharing our aspirations and what we’re building towards, and we want to be working in that new way vs. the way we used to do it

So reading the post I think the next build could come out this Thursday or the week after or the week after that, in other words we still don’t know.

Read the post and make your own mind.


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