Microsoft release Motion Data 2.0 for Lumia phones

Microsoft release Motion Data 2.0 for Lumia phones

Microsoft have just released a major updated the Motion Data app for Lumia Windows Phones. The app collects data from the Windows Phone sensor core and previously there was just an on off switch and you couldn’t do anything with the app (which is in the settings section of Windows Phone).

That has changed with new update which has a user interface that display some of the data collected. You can see an activity chart of the last 24 hours including walking, running and traveling by car. It shows you apps that can make use of the data and tracks places you have visited which you can view on a map.

The updated app is in the Windows Phone Store for Lumia phones with sensor core.

Change Log

Motion Data provides information to apps about how you move and the places you visit. You can use this setting to manage the data that is accessible to apps.

– User interface redesign

– See your activity graphically

– See your places and routes graphically

– Collect more detailed and accurate data

– List installed apps that can make use of motion data


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