Two 3rd party Microsoft Band apps updated

Two 3rd party Microsoft Band apps updated


If you have a Microsoft Band there are a two 3rd party apps for Windows Phone that give you some extra functionality that the official Microsoft Health app for the band doesn’t offer. The apps called Pimp my Band and Band Sensor Monitor have both been updated with a couple of new features.

The app for viewing your Band’s sensors Band Sensor Monitor has been updated adding a new start up option so the app will automatically monitor your Band at startup. The app also has a new trail mode where you can use the app for an hour to see if you like it, the Band Sensor Monitor costs £1.29 from the Windows Phone Store.

The other app is Pimp my Band an app for customising the colours and backgrounds on the band. The update adds a live preview option, you can now pick the dominant colour as well as the colour palette plus there are bug fixe in the update.
The app costs $0.99 in the Windows Phone Store (US only).

Both apps are well worth adding to your collection if you have a Microsoft Band.


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