Quick Review: Inateck iPad Mini Case

Quick Review: Inateck iPad Mini Case


When you spend a few hundred quid on an iPad you want a case to protect it and there is a vast array to choose from. One I have been using recently is an Inateck soft case for the iPad Mini/Mini2. The case is a sleeve type design that you place the the iPad in and is made from a soft felt martial with a magnetic buckle that stops the iPad from falling out. The sleeve type design means the iPad is unprotect while you are using it but I do love the feel of an iPad without a cover on it.

The case feels pretty thick and protects the iPad well which is good as I often thrown it into my bag and as it’s a cloth cover it doesn’t pick up any scratches. It does mean that you could potentially pickup dirty marks on it, so a damp cloth would be needed to clean it up (although I wouldn’t recommend spilling wine on it). The grey design with white stitching could put some people off but I think it is pretty good looking. The thick padding does add some bulk to the case but it protects the iPad well. You can also twist the case around and use it as a stand for the iPad.

So if you are looking for a case to protect your iPad but still be able to use it

The case costs £13.99 from Amazon, thanks to Inateck for sending me the case.


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