OpenELEC 4.2 Beta 3 released

OpenELEC 4.2 Beta 3 released

Raspberry Pi

Time for another beta of OpenELEC 4.2 the embedded distribution of XBMC (soon to be renamed Kodi). 4.2 Beta 3 of OpenELEC includes XBMC Gotham 13.2 beta 3, a new version of FFmpeg, an updated kernel and updated firmware for the Raspberry Pi.

OpenELEC is currently my favourite distribution of XBMC and I use it on my Raspberry Pi.

More details and the full release notes on

Updated core Components (summary)

update to yajl-2.1.0

update to linux-3.16

update to dvb-firmware-0.0.43

update to libva-intel-driver-82d2ed8

update to xbmc-13-6066a54 (XBMC Gotham 13.2 beta3)

update to parted-3.2

update to Mesa-10.2.5

update to libxcb-1.11

update to xcb-proto-1.11

update to xrandr-1.4.3

update to bcm2835-bootloader-a6fe297

update to bcm2835-driver-a6fe297

update to gdb-7.8

update to ffmpeg-2.3.1

update to libdrm-2.4.56

update to libnfs-1.9.5

update to xf86-video-intel-2.99.914

update to libdrm-2.4.55

update to libXext-1.3.3

update to util-linux-2.25

projects/RPi/patches/linux: update RPi support patch

projects/RPi/patches/xbmc: update RPi support patch

libva-intel-driver: add patch to fix FD81447

projects/*/options: disable AFP support for now, its buggy and we will see who needs this

util-linux:init: build static

xbmc: remove unused fonts

systemd: simplify userconfig.service

bluez: dont compile

openssh: add patch to specify seperate keydir, remove ‘sshd_config’ script and create ALL supported keys

gcc: add patch to fix GCC-61801 (and GCC-61904)

xorg-server: isable acpi/apm

busybox: remove support for initramfs.conf, disable SYSTEM-to-RAM support for RPi

ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs: disable crypto support

For a full changelog on what’s new, follow the link below:…4.1.3


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