Google Play Music for Android

Google Play Music for Android

Google Play Music on Android

As regular readers know I am a big fan of Google Play Music and the Android version has been updated. The update adds pinning of radio stations so you can select a station and it will download the files for playback when your offline. Radio station on Google Play Music are great for discovering new music and having them offline is a great way of getting new music but not using up all your mobile data.

Also in the update are some UI improvements like a Play Next in the context menu and shuffle fixes. You can find the app in the Google Play Store.


What’s New


* Added the ability to pin radio stations. You’ll now be able to listen to your offline radio stations even when you don’t have any connection

* Added ‘Play next’ in the context menu

* Lots of shuffle and unshuffle fixes

* The queue understands and shows what you are playing from (playlist, album, etc)


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