Vidabox OpenSqueeze Solo, a neat SqueezeBox alternative

Vidabox OpenSqueeze Solo, a neat SqueezeBox alternative

Vidabox OpenSqueeze Solo

Vidabox’s OpenSqueeze Solo is a little multi-room audio devices that works using Logitech’s SqueezeBox standards so you can plug in to speakers and then stream music from your network or content from the likes of and radio stations. Logitech don’t make the SqueezeBox players anymore so this device could be an ideal replacements.

As you can see from the pictures the Solo is pretty small, just a bit bigger than the latest generation Apple TV and takes power the supplied cable (5V-2A port), it has a network port and an audio output in the form of a 3.5mm port. You need to have an account on and the Logitech Media Server installed on your media PC where you can select the Videobox device as a playback device.

You can then go to either the browser based UI or via an app (iOS/Android) and playback music or stream podcasts and radio to it. It was really easy to setup and the remote apps work very well. The sound quality is excellent and its one of those devices that you can plug in, leave and then control it all from another device.
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In this video I take a look at the device, connect it up and see what you can do it. The OpenSqueeze Solo costs £153.94 from and you can read the technical specs on their product information page.


2 thoughts on “Vidabox OpenSqueeze Solo, a neat SqueezeBox alternative

  1. Dear Ian,
    Your video about Vidabox last week prompted me to ask you about various hardware refreshes that could be due next year in my house before they fail!
    1) Logitech Media Server and Logitech Players. Have had great success since 2008 with these. What would you replace with? I need 1 device with built in speakers and an alarm clock (Squeezebox Boom replacement) for bedroom. JRiver server/devices -Garry? No to SONOS.
    2) My WHS v1. Is still going strong. A NAS can replace it but PC backups??

    Like RPi, Windows, Ubuntu, Android.
    keep up the great shows. Richard.

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