Amazon add sample search and bring your own dictionaries to the iOS Kindle app

Amazon Kindle on an iPad

Amazon have updated the iOS Kindle app to version 3.9. The update adds searching of Amazon’s catalogue of free samples and enables downloading of the samples. You can also use your own purchased dictionaries to define words in eBooks. Book covers load faster and there are bug fixes and stability improvements.

The app is free from the iTunes Store

What’s New in Version 3.9

• Kindle Free Sample Search – From the existing Library Search, customers can now search Amazon’s catalog of millions of Kindle books and download free samples from within the app. New books are easier than ever to find.
• Bring Your Own Dictionary – Customers can now use previously purchased Dictionaries, such as medical, legal, or other translation references to define words in any of their other eBooks. Dictionaries downloaded to the device automatically appear in the selection list.
• Accessibility Quick Reference – Accessibility gestures for blind and visually impaired customers are included for quick reference and can be found under the FAQ section in settings. The guide has been translated for all supported languages.
• Instant Cover Loader – Book cover art displays quicker and more fluidly.
• Bug Fixes/Stability Improvements

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