Microsoft’s Surface RT now from £279

Microsoft’s Surface RT now from £279

There have been rumours of price drops of the Surface, in fact the price has been dropped on the US Microsoft store from to $349 from $499 today. Here in the UK there has been no change on the UK Microsoft Store but when I was looking around today I noticed that the price at John Lewis for the standalone 32GB model has dropped to £279. I am not exactly sure when the price was dropped but £279 for the base model is pretty good considering the original price was £399. Also available is the 32GB version with a keyboard for £359. The Surface RT may have its detractors but I still use mine every day and love its hybrid form factor.

Hopefully this is a sign that a 2nd gen range of Surface devices are on the way.

UPDATED PCWorld/Currys are also selling the base model for £279


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