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  1. Stuart, I continue to follow your exploits into XBMC with great interest. Like you, I have begun trialling MCE replacements, as my MCE\DVB Link solution has become progressively unreliable (read ‘Play ready’ and diminishing WAF), with version 4.5.3 seemingly coming a little too late for me. However, unlike you, I have been attacking the problem from a live TV point of view first and playing around with Media Portal. Early testing seems to be in-line with Daniel’s (https://thedigitallifestyle.com/w/index.php/2012/08/27/mediaportal-why-i-switched-from-windows-media-center/) and I especially like the multistream aspect (i.e. being able to watch\record all the channels on a particular multiplex from a single tuner), but it is early days yet.
    I have to say the Films and TV aspect (in both Media Portal and XBMC) is less intuitive. Like you, I have relied upon MyMovies to manage my films and TV series, not worrying about exact naming convention of files as ‘point’ to them with MyMovies. I have also used MyMovies to create ‘Kids’ view for the start-up view for the HTPC the kids use. As well as generating simple box set views continuing groups of whatever DVDs I want e.g. a generic “Documentaries”. Not seemingly easily repeatable under MP\XBMC.
    Ensuring completeness and accuracy of the library in either MP or XBMC appears to be a lot harder (especially if you are trying to bring across an existing and quite large film collection). I also find the lack of a customisable database a little disconcerting. Having said that I have been trialling MyFilms in MP (which has a more traditional database approach) and I understand there are plugins for XBMC that highlight discrepancies between your files and the XBMC library.
    Then I have the problem of not be able to easily share the completed films database with the rest of the house. In theory, MyFilms in MP should do this (but it has been temperamental with me) and there appears to be a way of sharing the XBMC database across the network – however it is not as easy as installing the MyMovies client on the client PC.
    Which is a very long way of saying I understand your dilemma!
    Please keep up the good work on the XBMC posts, especially your Live TV journey.

  2. Hi Russell

    I must admit all the years I have used MCE I have not always even had live tv working in it, I lived in Asia for 3 years and never really bothered with live tv and MCE and even when in England I didnt always use live tv in MCE so for me its not as important but still I would like it working in XBMC if I can. My only real plan at the moment is to do what Ian did and use DVBLogic and their XBMC add-on see his link below.

    Parental Controls in XBMC are non existent but you can setup different XBMC profiles or just dump your kids content in to separate folders on the server which is what I did and use the master lock feature to lock sources. You can also do something with smart playlists in XBMC in relation to displaying child friendly content but I dont know more about that yet.

    The folder structures and naming of TV Show files for example in MCE / My Movies is not too different from what is required in XBMC so minimal restructuring / renaming should be required. I did however have to restructure my entire music collection as I had genre folders on the server and XBMC does not support this you just have to have all the artists folders listed under the main music folder share.

    The hardest thing about XBMC is working out how all the different artwork add-ons and metadata scrapers work and which ones do what, and also some of their features over lap with other add-ons so can get complex.


    1. I forgot to mention I followed a guide to setup a centralised MySQL database on the WHS server for use with Xbmc. This enables features like watched / unwatched status to be carried across all Xbmc client pcs. Resume video from different rooms and it also makes the media libraries centralised, so if I add new content to the library via one client that new content instantly appears on the others. I can dig up the link to the setup guide I followed if you need it.

      1. Stuart, apologies work got away from me.
        The dilemma continues. MP is not proofing to be that robust for me when coming out of standby and I am time limited at the moment – put it this way, when the Wife asked how hard is it to get Media Centre back, I knew I was in trouble!
        I tried the XBMC add-ins for MP and ArgusTV, but the PVR functionality is very ‘limited’.
        I may have to go back to MCE in some form and hope the PVR functionality in XBMC comes on in the next year (or MP 2 is more suitable for me).
        On the up side I do not have to re-adjust all my films directories (My naming convention is not XBMC friendly at all).
        I was previously using Shark’s 007 codec pack, but I could not figure how to reliable switch subtitles on an off whilst in the film. So I have started trying using the MPC-HC trick mentioned on http://www.mediasmartserver.net/2010/01/29/guide-using-mpc-hc-as-your-video-player-in-wmc-media-browser/. Seems to be working well (which means I will break it soon), but I have yet to bitstream to my receiver.
        Starting to think about using Recorded TV HD to spruce up the recorded tv and then trying to use the Shared Guide Potato to implement a mini soft sled, having a ‘single’ guide for series links, using the HD tuners and having central storage.

        Toying with the idea of either DVBlink\ some older local tuners, for live TV and then transferring them to a central pc\my WHS 2011.
        Basically thinking of doing a lot of work to try and get another 12\18 months out of MCE.

          1. Thank you, I will look into that.

            I had another evening trying to configure MCE around DVBLink last night. Continually hitting PlayReady issues, three reinstallas and two MCE database restes later, I have decided that my ego can’t keep taking the bashing! Now I may just go back to having dedicated tuners in each box and then moving the recordings with a bat file. I will lose the ability to automatically manage the recordings, but if it gets me out of trouble.
            I will follow up on that link, perhaps that may be the answer.

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