Samsung to introduce TV Discovery service

Samsung to introduce TV Discovery service

Samsung TV

Samsung are to introduce a new TV Discovery service at Mobile World Congress. The service aims to make finding TV and video content easier with personalised recommendations and searching across multiple providers. The TV Discovery service will work on upcoming Samsung mobile devices and Smart TVs and will initially work with Netflix and Blockbuster in the US and Acetrax, Wuaki, MovieMax, FilmIn, Chili, Pathé and SF Anytime in the European Countries.

TV Discovery includes universal remote control, personalized recommendations, search and social sharing.

The TV Discovery service will launch in the first quarter of 2013 in Korea, the US and 14 European countries including UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain on all series of Samsung 2013 SMART TV and will launch in the second quarter of 2013 in the US, Korea and 14 European countries including UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain on mobile devices.

It sounds an interesting service and it will be interesting to see how useful it actually is.


At the annual Mobile World Congress, Samsung will introduce TV Discovery, a service that provides consumers with a faster and easier way to find and enjoy live TV and video content. Complete with personalized recommendations and the ability to search across multiple content providers, the service can be used from upcoming Samsung mobile devices, Smart TVs, or both.

TV Discovery vastly simplifies the content search process by integrating and relaying real-time program information from multiple content sources including traditional live TV, video-on-demand or online content services such as YouTube. Over time, it also offers personal recommendations based on the user’s viewing and preference history.

The service can be used to find and view content on Samsung SMART TVs and supported mobile devices; or to seamlessly transfer or mirror content between connected devices. TV Discovery also transforms a connected tablet into a universal remote control, allowing users to conduct live TV and on-demand program searches directly from the mobile device and view selections on their Samsung SMART TV.




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