CyberLink unveils PowerDVD Touch

CyberLink unveils PowerDVD Touch

Yesterday I visited CyberLink and had a great demo of their Windows 8 products including a preview of PowerDVD Touch a Windows Store version of PowerDVD designed for touch. As well as having a great touch UI it will also playback MPEG2 and MKV files without any extra codecs, so it should be able to play Media Center files without needing to purchase the Windows Pro Pack with Windows Media Center.

Lookout for my video of the app soon, plus they have a Windows RT version in the works which I have a demo of as well. Here is the press release:

Press Release



World’s most advanced touch-enabled media player for Windows 8 to be previewed exclusively at CES


London, United Kingdom, — 10th
January, 2013—At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, CyberLink Corp. (5203.TW), an innovative solutions provider for media creativity, will offer special previews of PowerDVD Touch, the premier touch-optimized Microsoft Windows 8 desktop media playback software solution. Blending multi-touch experience and multimedia enjoyment in a superior way, CyberLink PowerDVD Touch now provides the no-compromise, must-have media experience for Windows 8 desktop mode. Now, with both PowerDVD Touch and PowerDVD Mobile, CyberLink offers a complete touch-friendly solution for media playback on the Windows 8 interface, expanding the smooth, intuitive touch experience from modern UI to desktop mode.


“From smartphones to laptops, we see the trend of touch computing dominating the user experience. People expect a tactile experience: they want to interact with their devices by touching their screens,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “With this latest addition to the PowerDVD family, our customers are ensured of a consistent, responsive touch-based media playback experience, no matter which device they chose to use.”


PowerDVD Touch offers an advanced multimedia experience for Windows 8 touch-screen users in desktop mode. It supports the most popular and up-to-date video as well as audio formats, including MPEG2, MKV, Blu-ray, DVD, Dolby, DTS, and more.



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