Panasonic CES Press Conference

Panasonic CES Press Conference

At my first press conference of CES 2013 was Panasonic. They have a new TV experience called “My Home Screen”, the idea is that it’s a person home screen and using a web cam it works out who is using the TV and then personalises for that person, rather than treating all the content as separate channels it has a widget type concept when it can all be located in one screen. Also shown was sharing photos from an iPad to the TV and then edit on the TV where it could then be shared back to other devices.

YouTube demonstrated quick pairing of YouTube apps with Panasonic and shopping with the TV was highlighted with HSN Shop by Remote which seems to be a way of purchasing products via a web service directly from the TV, it also has On Demand channels. It looks like it’s bring its web based shopping to the TV.

Panasonic announced a refreshes of their Plasma and LED TV lines which now including the “My Home Screen” features, Samsung also announced:

  • New Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones
  • SL-NP10 Tablet Audio Dock
  • Wireless Dock with lightning connector for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini
  • BDT-230 Bluray player with Mirrorcast
  • Two new streaming video players

Overall it was very much evolution of its current product line and I will be taking a closer look later this week.






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