Patch Tuesday brings WiFi fixes to the Surface RT

Patch Tuesday brings WiFi fixes to the Surface RT

Today’s Patch Tuesday has brought a whole raft of updates to Windows RT and the Surface RT. As well as updates for Office 2013 and security updates there is an update for the Flash player in IE and a Firmware update. According to Microsoft’s supports forum the firmware update contains WiFi fixes including a bug where you get limited connectivity when connecting to WiFi something I have experienced myself a few times.

In today the updates come in at over 100mb for the 11 updates via Windows Update.

The December update, which will be available later today, includes a few improvements for Surface with Windows RT. This update provides increased Surface Wi-Fi reliability, improved connectivity in various scenarios, and performance improvements including:

Support for Access Point names (SSID’s) such as “Eric’s Phone_1” including non-standard-ASCII special characters such as: ñ, ö, ü, á, é.

Reduction in scenarios resulting in “Limited” WiFi connectivity.



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