Ceton Companion apps hit RC stage

Ceton Companion apps hit RC stage


Ceton have announced that the iOS and Windows Phone Ceton Companion apps have reached the Release Candidate stage. The apps have a new program guide with infinite scrolling, new program searching, series management and performance updates.

The Android version hasn’t hit the RC stage but that should be coming soon. Checkout the video: 


Today we are pleased to announce that the Ceton Companion mobile apps for iOS and Windows Phone have hit Release Candidate (RC) status and are ready for final testing. We’ve also updated the Android app but it’s not quite at RC yet, though you should download the latest version to see new features and continue testing.

We have been reading and listening to everyone’s comments over the past few months and have really built out the feature set around what everyone has been asking for. Here are a few of the highlights of what’s new:

  1. Brand New Program Guide (with infinite scrolling)
  2. Program Guide Searching (Android coming soon)
  3. Series Management
  4. Speed and Stability Improvements

Since this is the release candidate for iOS and Windows Phone, and the final build that everyone will receive before the apps go live on the marketplaces, we need your help testing and finding any last minute bugs. The bug tracker is up and running and as always we will be very active in the forums for feedback. We appreciate everyone’s help during the beta process. We will have one more final survey for everyone within the next week as well. 

We’ve created a special forum for all RC-related discussions.  Please head over to the new RC forum right now to learn how to get the Release Candidate of the apps and the latest Companion Services for your HTPC.  Please note that older versions of the Companion Services will not work with the Companion app release candidates, and vice versa.


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