Another OS coming to the Raspberry Pi: Firefox OS

Another OS coming to the Raspberry Pi: Firefox OS


One of the great this about the Raspberry Pi is the ability to be able to try alternative operating systems and not just Linux. Last week I was playing with RISC OS on the Pi and today its Firefox OS.

The project is in the development stage so it’s still early days but as you can see from the video it seems to work pretty well. Put me down for another SD card!

Via the Raspberry Pi blog:

Oleg Romashin has got a long way already with a port of the open-platform OS to the Raspberry Pi. Firefox OS is scheduled to release some time in 2013; we’re excited to see it’ll be an option for the Raspberry Pi, and it’s fascinating watching work like this progress. In the video below you’ll see Gecko runtime doing its thing, along with some WebGL animations at 60fps.

Oleg’s a Principal Engineer at Nokia. He’s made a download of the work-in-progress port to Raspberry Pi available (this is a direct download link to the tarball; there isn’t currently any other content on his site) if you want to join in the fun.


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