OpenELEC 2.0 Beta 6 for the Raspberry Pi released

OpenELEC 2.0 Beta 6 for the Raspberry Pi released

OpenELEC for the Raspberry Pi has reached the beta 6 stage.  This build is based on linux 3.2.26 has 290 changes and fixes:


After the release of OpenELEC Beta 5 we received again many new bug reports. Some or most of the Issues related to a not starting SAMBA server and not working video output on older AMD graphic cards and GPUs introduced by a AMD video driver update and the removing for support for legacy GPUs (HD2xxx-HD4xxx). We have added the legacy AMD driver to our Generic builds which should work now, but also needs to be more tested. A known reported issue with this driver is a Watermark on some GPUs. As these are significant changes and to be sure we have solved most of the reported issues we have decided to release Beta 6 :-).

Because we have included the AMD legacy driver in our Generic builds its needed for all users of this builds to check the partition size of the first partition. This builds are now around 165MB. You can do this via ssh (putty):

df -h /flash

Starting with Beta 4 we also checked for corrupt update files before upgrading commences. On very rare occasions the download of our updates were incomplete and caused the system to fail after reboot. As our user base grows, rarer problems such as this one will emerge and be dealt with in a similar manner. This change will reduce the number of upgrades problems.

To manually update the procedure is the same as before however you must also copy KERNEL.md5 and SYSTEM.md5 to the update folder/share together with KERNEL and SYSTEM.

There are 290 changes by 15 authors and 85 closed issues since Beta 5 (1.95.5). The most important changes are:

  • update to linux-3.2.26
  • add package xf86-video-fglrx-legacy
  • enable LTO support and size optimizations for all projects
  • update to xorg-server-1.12.3
  • update to Mesa-8.0.4
  • fix suspend/wakeup issues on some projects
  • update to xf86-video-intel-2.20.3
  • update to xf-86-video-nvidia-295.71
  • update to libcec-1.8.0
  • update to connman-1.4
  • add package RTL8192CU

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