Video and pictures from Preston’s Raspberry Jam

Video and pictures from Preston’s Raspberry Jam

Last night attended the Raspberry Jam session in Preston. The event is for Raspberry Pi users and enthusiast to get together and share tips and experiences of the Raspberry Pi. I have some audio I recorded for this weeks podcast and here are some pictures and video. It was great meeting up with everyone, an enjoyable evening all round.

We had a talks on using the Raspberry Pi with an Arduino board to control motors and sensors

2012-07-02 19.36.512012-07-02 19.36.59

There was a session on getting Quake running on the Raspberry Pi from Frambozenbier, making the Raspberry Pi in to a thin client and something called Shrimping which involves reusing old PC hardware for educational purposes.

2012-07-02 19.15.392012-07-02 19.30.23


2012-07-02 19.35.052012-07-02 19.36.04

2012-07-02 19.37.15IMG_2180


2012-07-02 19.33.48IMG_2179


There was even the odd vintage computer around to inspire.


In the video we look at Quake and a think client services running on a Raspberry Pi.


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