XBMC2Set addin creates movie sets for XBMC

XBMC2Set addin creates movie sets for XBMC


If your using XBMC to watch movies there is a great addin for creating and editing movie set data. XBMC2Set connects to a MySQL database on your network and then XBMC can use the data. There is a demo version where you can create 10 sets and the full version costs $9.95 from the developers store.


XBMC2Set creates movie sets directly into XBMC local database and MySQL database installed on home network. Groups movies in favorite collections, edits or removes existing sets. Applies changes to locally stored metadata files.

XBMC2Set is compatible with XBMC 11.0 “Eden” only. Please note that Demo version has a limit of creating 10 sets.


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