TV Tuner and WMC Remote Control and Receiver no longer included in Windows Hardware Certification

If you needed another sign that Microsoft has all but abandoned Windows Media Center then there is the news that Microsoft have updated the Windows Hardware Certification kit and retired the TV Tuner and Windows Media Center Remove Control tests. So TV tuners and remote controls no longer have there own tests, there was a time when a TV tuner was certified to work with Windows and Windows Media Center but that category has been phased out.

We know that Windows Media Center has been sidelined by Microsoft and going forward is chargeable extra to Windows 8 so the change in the test is no surprise, still it’s at least nice to have some Media Center news to talk about

Details from Microsoft:


Update on the TV Tuner and WMC Remote Control and Receiver Product Categories

The TV Tuner and Windows Media Center Remote Control and Receiver categories and tests are not included with Windows Hardware Certification Kit (HCK) because we are retiring these programs. You can use HCK to obtain a Windows 8 signed driver for these devices by passing the applicable tests. For example, if the device connects via USB, then the USB tests would appear. The tests that appear depend on the features that are detected, but there are no Windows Media Center or TV tuner tests in HCK. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can use Windows 8 signed drivers as part of their pre-installation image.

Partners can still make submissions for the Windows 7 Logo Program in these categories, by using Windows Logo Kit version 1.6.


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