AndyPad now has Ice Cream Sandwich

AndyPad now has Ice Cream Sandwich

One of TDL’s favourite Android Tablets the developed in deepest Norfolk  AndyPad now has an update for ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich). Head over to for details.

TDL contributor Dangelus has already performed the upgrade and has said it works well. A full write up coming later.


2 thoughts on “AndyPad now has Ice Cream Sandwich

  1. how exciting, I am downloading now, my AndyPad will be retrieved from the kids and re-flashed tonight.
    I love ICS on my phone so will be great to play with the OS on a bigger screen within the home.
    let me think…My Movies…. Splashtop….
    download finished bye;-)

  2. NB if like me you got started fine installing the drivers for the flash tool OK then having trouble erasing the IDB then run the flash batch tool as Administrator.
    In Windows 7 right click on the application and “Run as Administrator”.

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