Quick Review: Laser Cut Acrylic Case for the Raspberry Pi


I love my Raspberry Pi but like I said in my first review the board feels a little vulnerable and so when I saw a case design at the Blackpool Linux User Group I had to get one. The case is made in Telford here in the UK by the Shropshire Linux User Group and comes in a kit you put together in about 20 minutes. It’s made of laser cut acrylic and comes with everything needed including insulating pads and all the screws. The pieces are well made with no sharp edges, all the ports are labeled and the clear acrylic looks great.

TDL are giving away 5 cases, see this post for more details.

The case costs £9.99 plus postage from ebay.

UPDATE: The first batch sold out and there is another batch on sale

Update: The 2nd batch has sold out and there is now a 3rd batch!

New ebay link:






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2 thoughts on “Quick Review: Laser Cut Acrylic Case for the Raspberry Pi”

  1. Thank you very much for such a nice review of our cases.
    I’m really happy that folk find them appealing. We have just bought an additional Laser Cutter and have putout another batch on a new EBAY auction here:


    Again thanks to all those who have bought one to this point.

  2. We are having absolutely crazy demand the last auction batch went in 10 days rather than 30 !

    gain thanks to every one please take a look at the current one if you need more
    …Cheers John


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