My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.11 PR4 released and My Movies Collection Manager updated.

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.11 PR4 released and My Movies Collection Manager updated.


As well as the Windows Media Center version of My Movies being updated the Windows Home Server 2011 edition and My Movies Collection Manger have been updated as well. 

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My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.11 Pre Release 4

Added: Meta-data storage for MediaBrowser (Requires 500 points).
Added: Option to specify target directory name for DVD and Blu-ray’s, and by that also specify to separate the two when copying.
Added: Profiles for New iPad and Apple TV 3
Added: MPEG2 converter profile added. MPEG2 conversion is now removed from a target to be part of video converter.
Added: Possibity to use mencoder in converter profiles
Added: The system will now check media info for titles where the information for some reason could not be read at the time the title was added or edited

Change: Rename of Apple TV profiles from MP4 to M4V which should be better handled by iTunes.
Change: Updated SDK for Nimbie, to support latest Nimbie NB21.

Fix: Error when new converter profiles are added without the converter was restarted.
Fix: Dune meta-data for TV Series was not stored with a full meta-data update.
Fix: Unidentified discs were not updated as expected.
Fix: Universal video converter profile did not have correct supported devices comments.
Fix: Converter could loop on specific discs, when they were seen as TV Series but no episodes could be found (Blu-ray problem).

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.03 Pre Release 3

Added: TIFF besides TIF as cover file option.
Added: Remote Server API functions for Windows Media Center music control.

Change: Better handling of database upgrades, so that later versions does not need all clients to be upgraded when server is upgraded.
Change: Do not include series/box container title in Media Center option deprecated, is now always true.
Change: “Is Box Set” checkbox removed, and box sets moved up under global data rather than personal data, as preparation for upcoming box set functionality.
Change: Show digital copy in HTML preview.
Change: Media Center Background service updated to later API version


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