Windows 7 on a Raspberry Pi?

Windows 7 on a Raspberry Pi?


How about running Windows 7 on a £29 Raspberry Pi? Well you can’t (yet) but Citrix have have got XenDesktop running on the Pi so you can use Windows 7 on the board. It’s a great example of the technology and has some interesting implications for low cost buisness computing in the future.

Checkout the video:

via Raspberry Pi


3 thoughts on “Windows 7 on a Raspberry Pi?

  1. I’ve never really used Linux much, and I’ve struggled a bit with my Pi, but tonight I got rdesktop working very nicely across the internet to a 2003 Terminal Server at school. It’s a very viable option as a thin client fas far as I can see, and all you need is a stack of £5 SD cards ready to slot in if anything goes wrong. It was miles quicker than the Pi itself for using Office applications and web browsing.

      1. Well, I’d already installed Synaptic Package Manager using apt-get, so from there it’s just a case of searching for rdesktop and installing it. For the sake of ease I also installed grdesktop which provides a nice graphical way of setting all the switches like user, IP, display size etc. For someone who has barely used Linux it was a doddle. Now if I can just get the Pi to play an MP3 I’ll be happy!

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