TV Streamer app enables TV streaming and control of your HDHomeRun from iOS


If you have a HDHomerun and an iOS device you may want to give TV Streamer for iOS a try. The app enables control and streaming of networked HDHomeRun tuners from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.  So from your iPad you can watch live TV streaming from the HDHomeRun including ATSC, Clear QAM, DVB-T and DVB-C (unencrypted content only).

The app enables controlling of the device and costs £4.99 from iTunes but to actually watch the content you need GoodPlayer a separate app that costs £1.99 but if you have already invested in a HDHomeRun it may be worth it for you.

I use DVBLink to stream TV to my iPad but this is nice as you don’t need a PC running to stream the TV.


TV Streamer lets you control your HDHomeRun device and helps you watch TV on your iPad or iPhone in your home.
* Works with any HDHomeRun device
* Lets you scan for channels
* Hide the ones you never watch
* Reorder the rest to your liking
* Automatically downloads channel logos
(can be manually overruled)
* Channel list synch’ed with iCloud between devices
* Universal app for iPhone and iPad


via missingremote

About the author Ian Dixon:
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  • Ken

    Does this work over wifi only on the local LAN, or can you stream over the internet to another location or even over 3G or 4G? Also, does it work with the HDHomerun Prime too, or just the original HDHomerun?

    • Jay

      I’ve got this and works with the Prime for any channels in the clear. It works for most SD channels, haven’t had luck with any HD.

      I have noticed quick turnaround on updates for bugs (channel scanning) so the dev seems to be responsive.

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